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The Giving Campaign for Single Mothers aims to empower single mothers in Japan and eliminate discrimination and prejudice against them. It provides a platform for single moms to share their stories through essay writing, fostering inclusivity by showcasing their diversity through various essays.If you resonate with this cause, we invite you to contribute to our initiative! Your generous donation will make a meaningful impact.

Maco Yoshioka
Founder, CEO  Single Mothers' Sisterhood

Since 2021, Single Mothers Sisterhood has hosted a Giving Campaign for Single Mothers every May and June. A team of volunteer single mothers comes together to create and publish seven essays, calling for donations to support our initiative.


The highlight of the campaign is the essays written by single mothers. Both the authors and the editors are single moms. Through exchanges of suggestions and encouragement among the group, the works have been refined, fostering a powerful solidarity—our sisterhood.

This year's essay theme is "Our Lives as Mothers and Children." By reflecting on our lives as they are, with all their challenges and joys, we have worked together to cherish "the time we have right now."

Reading these essays, you will feel the unique value of each individual, reminding us that even within the label "single parent," there is no single story. We hope you will connect with these authentic voices through the essays.

7 Essays will be published. Please enjoy!!

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